Dr. Ron Parks has been a trusted and skilled integrative holistic medicine and psychiatry practitioner, consultant, and colleague of mine for many years. He has a unique background to assist people in need of his guidance, teaching, and support to help in the prevention and recovery from physical, mental, or emotionally related health issues. His services have proven to be quite beneficial and useful. I would suggest that Dr. Parks is an exemplary physician to get started with before committing to possible costly, inappropriate service. He is now is offering easy to access services by telephone or on-line guidance and educative services.

Dr. George Lindenfeld, Diplomate in Clinical Psychology


I get a good rate as my husband, and I go in together- My husband for 1/2 hour and me for the other half. Dr.Parks is an extremely knowledgeable and attends conventions/lectures on new treatments every year. He gives lectures for psychiatrists and residents, writes psychiatry articles and volunteers at free clinics for mental illness. In the past, he was an internal medicine doctor before entering psychiatry and has not forgotten how the human body works. He is also well versed on holistic medicines to treat mental conditions as well as conventional medications. He is patient, kind, and ethical. When my husband moved to Asheville from San Diego 6 years ago, didn’t have a doctor and needed bipolar medications, he saw him immediately. When I came down with Stage III cancer shortly after and was extremely depressed and anxious about my diagnosis, he prescribed me the right medications to help me. He sent me to a diet/ herbalist/ acupuncturist specializing in cancer. I am a survivor today.


In the fifteen years, we have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Ron Parks, his integrity, knowledge, and humanity have shown in both his professional and personal interactions. Dr. Parks’ expertise in internal and psychiatric medicine is profound and unique, as he is so well versed in holistic and integrative healing modalities, leading the patient to the true health in body, mind, and spirit. We both highly recommend Dr. Parks as an invaluable physician and consultant, knowing that he will warmly and expertly counsel, advise, and teach the true ways of natural well-being and joy of life.
Jane Stanchich – Licensed Nutritionist – Certified Macrobiotic Counselor; Lino Stanchich – Licensed Nutritionist – a multi-lingual educator who has established several macrobiotic learning centers in the United States and offers inspiring public lectures, seminars, and keynote presentations in the US and internationally. www.GreatLifeGlobal.com
Dr. Parks helped me when I was going through a difficult time in my life.  He truly listens to your story and takes the time to understand all of your concerns.  I was very impressed with his thoroughness and level of concern for what I was going through.  I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Parks if you are struggling with any issues in your life.  I’m glad I did!.
NGG – Holistic Health Practitioner
I had been suffering from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. It was to the point that I was considering dropping out of college. I chose Dr. Parks, because of his reputation and his holistic, comprehensive approach. He was also well loved by my mother, as he had helped her through a very troubling time in her life. I was greatly helped with some underlying medical issues with my thyroid, emotional issues related to past trauma, and some mood regulation problems. I was able to complete my undergraduate and graduate degree work and now am entering my career as a professional writer. Thank you, Dr. Parks and integrative psychiatry and medicine.
 I had been to a great number of other medical and mental health people, including therapists and psychiatrists without getting the help I needed for my ADD, depression, and anxiety. I finally through my research and recommendations from other health care professionals made an appointment with Dr. Parks. I was amazed that in just a few sessions, he was able to help me come up with a comprehensive program for me that led to the improvement I needed. I had two large businesses that were both failing because of my problems, before seeing Dr. Parks. Now not only have I saved my career but feel that I am even more successful and organized than before.

My boss was about to fire me, as I was getting sick a lot, missing time at work, not keeping up projects I had to complete, and missing deadlines. I had been getting increasingly more anxious, distracted and depressed. Dr. Parks spent time with me and very compassionately listened to all the details in my background and history, reviewed my prior medical records, ordered some current testing. Working together, Dr. Parks and I,  came up with a comprehensive treatment program, including both natural and some conventional approaches. My job performance not only improved, but they wanted to give me a raise. Guess what, I left that job and found a more fitting career for myself and now earn a larger salary than before.