Consultation with Dr. Parks

I am available for private sessions. 

Do you or a loved one need help, guidance or education about any mental, emotional, physical or related spiritual health issues? You can confer with me by scheduling a session.

My consultations are often found to be beneficial, with an integrative approach that can improve treatment and recovery from problems not responding to simple or conventional approaches. Sessions and consultations can be by telephone or VSee (a confidential Skype-like service from your home computer to my office) or possibly with an in-person office sessions if you can come to Asheville, NC.

Sessions are a respectful, caring partnership with you and may include:

  • Discussion about your situation and needs
  • Guidance, education, and support to help in the prevention or recovery from physical, mental, emotional problems, and related spiritual health issues
  • Finding ways to optimize nutrition, lifestyle, and healing
  • Help with the understanding of your current difficulties or illness and review of the recommendations or advice you have received from others

Get the help you need. 

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