PTSD Treatment with RESET Therapy

A Promising Therapy for PTSD by George Lindenfeld PhD

Man on Boardwalk, depression, PTSD,veteran

PTSD affects a significant number of our veterans and a growing number of people in our civilian population. Dr. Lindenfeld presents what appears to be an innovative and effective therapy approach that can help bring relief from trauma-related symptoms.

PTSD, Terror and Trauma – Holistic Approach

Finding help for trauma related illness and PTSD by early recognition and treatment

PTSD, terror, trauma

PTSD, terror, trauma  – how common and what to do after recognition? A greater number of people, appear to be now having more exposure to terror events, trauma and are developing an increase in trauma-related illnesses, including PTSD. The causes could be attributable to any of a long list of suspected or debatable factors. It […]

Mass School Shooting – Insanity or Guns?

A senseless killing of innocent and vulnerable students has occurred again. Although the U.S. has about 5% of the world’s population, an estimated 31% of mass public shootings occur in this country. Read More & Additional Info. A mass shooting, gun violence and murder of multiple victims are occurring with increasing frequency in the U.S..  […]