About Integrative & Holistic Approaches

Integration, Holistic

Integrative Psychiatry, Medicine, and Holistic Therapies

are holistic approaches for the optimization of physical, mental and spiritual health. Rather than address a few symptoms, this caring approach helps the whole person, with attention to physical, emotional, interpersonal, behavioral, nutritional, environmental, spiritual and lifestyle issues.

These approaches take a look at the underlying causes, triggers, and risk factors to eliminate or reduce physical illness symptoms. In the mental health area, the focus may include anxiety, panic, fatigue, depression, bipolarity, overweight, addictions, or ADHD. A few key points concerning holistic medicine follow.

A healthy lifestyle is a key factor

in overall physical and mental health. Methods include analyzing diet, exercise, sleep habits, stresses, and relationships. These issues can have a significant influence on the development of illnesses. Therefore, embracing a healthy overall lifestyle helps decrease health problems.

Exercise is crucial in maintaining health and promoting wellness and illness recovery.

Different types of exercise are encouraged according to preference and ability.

Choosing natural alternatives may be a better choice for you.

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are frequently used to treat symptoms. Natural alternatives include a healthy diet and nutritional supplements — when recommended, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and herbs.

Sometimes imbalances in the body can result in illness, and lab tests may be required.

Examples include tests for nutritional status, and functional test for vitamins, minerals, hormonal levels, or allergies. Elimination diets and digestion function tests are performed when indicated.

Environmental factors may play a role in health and disease.

Identifying problematic environmental substances or factors can help repair health issues.

Being proactively involved is essential to improved health.

I encourage you to seek more information, to actively participate in decisions concerning diagnostic and treatment procedures. Consultation with other medical or healthcare practitioners is encouraged.

Awareness and support of the mind, body, and spiritual interconnections are essential for wellness, healing, and prevention of illness. 

Consequently, programs may involve recommendations for further education, counseling, psychotherapy, or other complementary types of treatment.

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