The Secret in Health and Well-Being

One of the most hidden secrets on the planet is “how to find optimal health, well-being, and longevity”.

Everyone searches for answers, but few find it. To uncover the “SECRET” to health, there needs to be first, a healthy process of removing accumulated negative emotional debris, layers of unhelpful ideas, and limiting concepts. Open your mind to being “health wise”.

 There may be a path to health and well-being in the letters of the word “SECRET”.

 S – Spirituality, Serenity, Surrender

Find peacefulness by letting go and accepting things as they are. Understand and accept the fact that you pay a big price for the added burdens, worries and stress you carry. You have to surrender the unnecessary. Let it go — in order to experience greater awareness and connection with the truth beyond your individual knowledge, biased interpretations, and perceptions.
E – Experience life with open awareness, letting go of entrapment from personal conditioning, words, concepts, memories

C – Compassion, Calmness, and Completeness

Allow acceptance, rather than the attitude of lack, or the belief that you need to be something more than you are.  Find resolutions for any anxieties, fears of being vulnerable, or incomplete.

R – Renewal, Regeneration and the Regaining of the connection with your inner being — the true self — to heal your mind, body, and spirit

Unleash the vital energy held captive by the chains of stress. Gain freedom by letting go of the constant struggle to maintain a more than needed, “protective identity” — what is established from memories and a “felt need” to be safe, secure, important, powerful, and adequate.

E — Enlightenment — Experience an open awareness by being in the presenting moment

Allow release from the constraints and over identification as being a separate self — an “ego.” Allows an entry into the larger healing context from the wounds of separation and alienation. Many of our great teachers and sages have struggled to put into words what is an experience and difficult to express.

T – Transpersonal – To experience connectedness to all life, beyond your personality, beliefs, education and culture, is being in the health and healing zone.

by Ron Parks, MD, edited by Shan Parks

What would be helpful in your journey of awareness and search for optimal physical, emotional, spiritual health and well-being?

What would be relevant to your interests or helpful in your journey of awareness and exploration, in areas related to physical, emotional, spiritual health and well-being? Comment below if you wish.

RONALD R. PARKS, MPH, MD in addition to his past practice of integrative psychiatry, medicine, nutrition and holistic therapies, is currently a teacher, consultant. and writer. To read more, click on this link: about Dr. Parks

Books to enlighten: Books by Rupert Spira

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4 thoughts on “The Secret in Health and Well-Being

  1. Thanks, Jerry. I have enjoyed the opportunity to devote more time to my writing and teaching. I am probably more active than when I was working full time in the Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry field. I don’t think anyone truly retires. It does provide the opportunity to put more focus on new and unexplored areas. It allows for greater help and service, to a larger audience with interest or needs in the areas, I will be discussing.

  2. Thanks Nikki, I always appreciated your great talent as a therapist and musician. Your work truly embraced the holistic and integrative therapy tradition with wonderful responses and healing in those with whom you worked. Best of luck to you and hopefully I will get you to contribute an article or two to this new blog or maybe we could get you to do a sound recording of one of your healing songs.