About Dr. Parks

I am Dr. Ron Parks. a consultant, teacher, and writer for your support and interest in integrative psychiatry, medicine, and holistic therapies.

 An important question for you!

Have you been dissatisfied with the less than optimal results or lack of resolution of your personal or family health problems? Sometimes when your current physical or mental health care program or wellness strategies are too limited, or narrowly focused, it is time to consider exploration of other, potentially beneficial interventions, or therapies, that could help you reach your health and wellness goals.

My Story

My health interests began as a child growing up in rural Maryland. After developing a high fever and stiff neck, I was diagnosed with polio and rushed to City Hospital for Children. I was treated naturally with heated wet packs for over a month until my health returned. This illness and successful treatment gave me a deep respect for natural and alternative therapies.

Later in my childhood, I watched as my family grieved the loss of a family member to depression and addiction. As an adult, when my brother was struggling with diabetes, I realized that I had to find a better way to help people with impairing or threatening health issues. My search began to find better options and treatments for anyone suffering from mental and physical illness.

I feel blessed to have married my childhood sweetheart who shares many of the same interests in health, nutrition and community activities. My wife and son both assisted me in my practice throughout the years. I studied yoga and macrobiotics as a young medical doctor and gained an appreciation for the holistic and the spiritual qualities of good healthcare.

The basis for my work with integrative psychiatry, medicine, and holistic therapies grew out of all these early life experiences. Although I have shifted from an office-based practice, I continue to actively teach, write and consult with my interests in the integrative and holistic approach to health and well-being. I have enjoyed using my skills and talents in doing beneficial mentoring and consultations to help physical and emotional problems that have not responded to simple or conventional approaches.

My Experience and Training That May Relate To Your Interests, Concerns, Or Problems

  • I was trained in psychiatry, internal, family & preventive medicine, with further training in nutrition, and other natural healing arts
  • The range of my healing interests includes mental, physical, spiritual health, holistic medicine, psychology, psychotherapy, yoga, nutrition, environmental medicine and more.
  • The mental health focus of my work includes depression, anxiety, mood swings, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, PTSD, addictions, ADHD, relationship and family dysfunction and solutions.
  • I have continued to be an advocate for an integrative approach to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of physical and emotional problems. My efforts have always been to bridge the best of conventional Western medicine, and the innovative approaches of Integrative Medicine and Psychiatry, in my personal work with clients, in consultation and workshops.

Some of my past positions and credentials held include:

  • Director and founder of Macro Health Medicine, a comprehensive and holistic consultative and treatment service, specializing in integrative psychiatry, medicine, and holistic therapies, in Asheville, NC – his direct care and services practice closed in 2014, Dr. Parks has continued to work in education, writing and consulting
  • M.D. from the University of Maryland
  • Master’s Degree in Public Health & Health Service Research from UCLA
  • Specialty trained in Internal Medicine at George Washington University, Preventive Medicine at UCLA, and Psychiatry at the University of Maryland
  • Past Assistant Professor at The Albany & University of Miami Medical Schools and Chief of Internal Medicine at the Homestead Air Force Base Hospital in Florida
  • Former Director of the Center for Preventive and Nutritional Health Care in Baltimore, MD
  • Consultant and part-time at the JFK-ADATC drug and alcohol treatment center in Black Mountain, NC, and part-time medical director at the Center for Spiritual Emergence and Katharos Sanctuary (facility for treatment of resistant mood and addiction disorders)
  • Trained as a yoga teacher and in nutrition
  • Avid swimmer and advocate of an active, healthy lifestyle

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