Awareness – The Core of Healing

Awareness is often ignored, which is one of the most significant of factors for healing - opening the door to healing

Developing awareness, especially to constricting attachments is a significant step in the recovery from illness and pain. Integrative psychiatry and nondual therapies support and nurtures the development of a stronger, but yet flexible sense of self, self-awareness and self-esteem as part of the healing process. The goal is to promote better functioning and adaptability to everyday life and stresses. At the same time, work is done to enhance the individual growth and development beyond the personal self and the entrapping experiences of everything being about me or mine, to the deeper and more expansive realm of spiritual realization, where the natural state of peace, happiness, well-being and release from suffering exists.

PTSD Treatment with RESET Therapy

A Promising Therapy for PTSD by George Lindenfeld PhD

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PTSD affects a significant number of our veterans and a growing number of people in our civilian population. Dr. Lindenfeld presents what appears to be an innovative and effective therapy approach that can help bring relief from trauma-related symptoms.

PTSD, Terror and Trauma – Holistic Approach

Finding help for trauma related illness and PTSD by early recognition and treatment

PTSD, terror, trauma

PTSD, terror, trauma  – how common and what to do after recognition? A greater number of people, appear to be now having more exposure to terror events, trauma and are developing an increase in trauma-related illnesses, including PTSD. The causes could be attributable to any of a long list of suspected or debatable factors. It […]

Bipolar Holistic Treatment – Part 2

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A better path for Bipolar Illness A Holistic integrative approach to the study and treatment of Bipolar Illness — BPI (also referred to as Bipolar or Manic-Depressive Disorder) offers a better path to disease understanding, treatment and prevention. See prior post “Holistic Approach to Bipolar Illness”. Ben is not doing well with his bipolar illness. […]

Holistic Approach to Bipolar Illness – Part 1

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BPI (Bipolar illness), often referred to as bipolar disorder or manic depression, affects more than 2.2 million people in the United States. BPI is characterized by bouts of illness with significant often disabling symptoms, alternating with periods of less or no symptoms. These may be a sign of the disorder: unusual shifts in mood, energy […]